Dear Patients & Friends,
I’ve been blessed to have quite a few patients who are over 90 years old and who are in very good health, both physically and mentally. As most of you know, I’m dedicated to my daily physical, mental and spiritual practices. I do them because I want to be as healthy, happy and enlightened as I can be.
When I meet people who are older than me and who are similarly devoted to their well-being, I’m never shy to ask them ‘how they do it’.
One of My Heroes
Jay Leone is a 95 year old man who I’ve been treating for decades. He’s always happy to

Jay Leone

see me because his treatments help him remain in great shape. Little does he know that when I see him, he helps me by giving me motivation to keep doing what I’m doing!

Jay lives alone and has a helper come to his apartment a few times a week to help him keep the house in order. He cooks for himself, avoiding red meat and uses turkey and chicken as his main sources of protein. He eats a salad EVERY DAY and drinks approximately 70-80 ounces of water, juice and tea daily. He does not drink alcohol or smoke.
He worked with his father in their cosmetic company and then after his father died (at age 95) he sold airplanes and worked as an air patrol Sheriff. He still drives his car without any vision problems.
His father taught him how to stretch, which he still does religiously EVERY DAY. He occasionally uses only light weights, in order to avoid injuring himself.
What I appreciated the most about his methods relates to his ability to maintain a positive mental attitude. He does not read the news. Instead, he focuses on reading magazines and books that are related to increasing his physical health and mental well-being.
What Can You Do?
Hopefully you are inspired by Jay’s story to make an improvement in one area of your life that will enhance your vitality. Take a moment to assess which part of your life needs improvement. Next, find a place in your daily schedule to make it a ritual. Then, all you have to do is DO IT. No excuses, just DO IT.
Remember what you’ve already heard me say about routines, which is: even one minute a day – every day – is better than an hour every few weeks when you can “squeeze it in”.

In Health,
Dr. Mark
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