Our Services: Chiropractic Treatment

Adjustments to the spine, arms & legs

Having a healthy spine greatly diminishes the chances that you’ll become arthritic, allowing you to move comfortably and freely, even as an elder. Because Schillinger Chiropractic and Wellness Center in San Rafael is focused on patient education, you’ll learn about the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make (exercise, diet, & stress management) in order to maintain your spinal health – and overall health – on your own.

Why Chiropractic Works So Well

Most spinal nerve irritation is caused by muscles being too tight, which then pulls the vertebrae to which they attach out of alignment, pinching the nerves and causing the nerves to be inflamed.

Spinal manipulation successfully relieves the nerve pinching, which restores nerve flow, allowing your brain, muscles, organs, and skin to recharge itself. Therefore, chiropractic treatments correct the cause of musculoskeletal pain without needing unnecessary drugs or surgeries.

Safe and Gentle Treatments

Dr. Schillinger has been voted “Best” chiropractor by the readers of the Marin IJ and the North Bay Bohemian, because he uses a variety of adjusting techniques. This allows you to choose a treatment style that’s most comfortable for you.

Dr. Schillinger performs an extensive history and examination with each new patient. If he thinks you are not a candidate for chiropractic, he’ll refer you to other types of health care that may be more appropriate.

For scientific information about the safety of chiropractic care, click here.

Who Needs a Chiropractor? — According to medical literature, approximately 80 percent of illness is related to stress and anxiety. There are very few of us who escape the negative effects of living in such a fast-paced and intense world. Most of the time, stress and anxiety will show up first as muscular tension. Because all of the muscles in your body attach to bones, eventually ALL muscular tension will cause the bones to move unevenly, inflaming a nerve. When a nerve becomes irritated, this is called a subluxation (literally defined as “a condition of less than normal light”).

Subluxations are most commonly caused from:

Sitting at a computer, lifting or bending improperly, mental or emotional stress, dysfunctional organs, motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, old and new sports injuries, poor posture, reading or watching TV in the wrong positions, poor diet or spinal scoliosis. Therefore, everyone, including babies, children and senior citizens, should be checked by a chiropractor at least twice per year.

Types of Chiropractic Care — During the intensive phase of care, you’ll experience relief from a variety of symptoms related to muscular tension, spinal disc bulging, and nerve pinching. Corrective treatments may include spinal manipulation, physical therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, stretching & yoga, and lifestyle coaching. Our treatments will restore range of motion to your joints and muscles, and dramatically reduce your stiffness and pain.

During the rehabilitative phase of care, you’ll experience greater energy and vitality as the treatments restore and rejuvenate nerve tone throughout the muscles and organs. As your structural conditions stabilize, your pain will be gone. Then you’ll learn how to strengthen your muscles at home using a simple to use, resistance exercise device that prevents problems from returning and becoming arthritic.

During the wellness phase of care, you’ll be symptom-free, feeling “better than ever” and able to adapt to physical, chemical and emotional stressors. Receiving occasional treatments at regular intervals as a pro-active part of your wellness program, will help you enjoy optimum health.

You Choose How Much Care You Receive

Dr. Schillinger bases his treatment recommendations on the length of time it will take to completely correct the underlying problem to your symptoms. Some patients want their problems and symptoms thoroughly fixed, while others prefer immediate symptom relief only.

Other patients not only want their problems corrected, they truly enjoy coming into the office on a Wellness basis. That means they receive care because it helps them feel great, and they wish to continue doing so. They have directly experienced the health benefits of chiropractic treatments, and come into the office a few times a year to remain healthy.

How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.

Brief History of Chiropractic

The art and science of healthcare by therapeutic touch and spinal manipulation is one of the most ancient of remedies. Chiropractic was founded by Dr. D.D. Palmer over 120 years ago. It was created by his interest in the newly emerging scientific fields of quantum physics, psychology, yoga and biology. Dr. Palmer sensed that beneath the everyday world of chaos and order there was a Force, a Mind, or what he called, Universal Intelligence.

This Intelligence created the universe and gives vital life force to each human being as Innate Intelligence. This Intelligence is most active in the nervous system, which is literally the electricity that maintains all of the functions of the body and mind.

Voted best chiropractor in Marin CA

Dr. Schillinger not ony helped me with my back pain but put me on the path to a healthier way of living in both mind and body.

David Crosby