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Matk Schillinger community service activities When I’m not serving patients in my chiropractic office, I’m likely devoting my time to the non-profit organization I founded in 2000, The Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend. This life-changing event is a non-religious, wilderness, modern rite of passage initiation for all young men from ages 13-20.

Regardless of their social, economic, academic or athletic backgrounds, our graduates leave their Weekend more accountable for their lives and better prepared for the challenges of the adult world.

To further help families enjoy more caring and cooperative relationships, I then founded Challenging Teenage Sons in 2013. These programs are designed to show parents and their teenage sons how to respectfully respond to each other’s needs, while preparing the young man for a life of happiness and independence.


Parenting Challenging Teenagers – This quarterly workshop teaches parents how to effectively use their authority and influence to create mutually respectful relationships with their pre-teen and teenage children. Taught by Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC and Rochelle Newman (relationship coach), the workshop combines the sciences of stress management, teen brain development, parent bonding and personal growth.

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 Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend – The purpose of this twice a year, rite of passage initiation is to provide young men a weekend filled with incredible fun and challenges, while building a solid foundation for a confident and successful adulthood. The young men learn the importance of teamwork, develop a sense of accomplishment and acquire the leadership skills they’ll need to become more independent.

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Operation T Day – Every year, on Thanksgiving Day, YMUW prepares food and then serves food to the homeless. You are invited to serve with us and/or donate funds to help us serve.

For more information, email us at or call us at (800) 719 – 9302.

Operation Elf – Every year, just before Christmas, YMUW, along with other non-profits, provide gifts for families in need in the North Bay.

For more information, email us at or call us at (800) 719 – 9302.

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