Mental Well Being

Services that promote tranquility and happiness

Stress Management Therapy (reducing anxiety & restoring clarity)

80% of all illness is caused by stress. The way to adapt to adversity is by first knowing how to quickly relax yourself. Drawing on the new brain science called Neuroplasticity (how to rewire your brain with clear, positive beliefs and creative, productive behaviors), Dr. Schillinger will give you the skills to control your brain chemistry, so that you avoid your ineffective sub-conscious reactions to stress and learn to manage your thoughts effectively. Using the most scientifically proven stress reduction techniques, you’ll enjoy more emotional well-being and deeper peace of mind. Learn more…

Life Coaching (enjoying a lifestyle that’s right for you)

What would your life be like if you knew the answers to almost every challenge or question in your life? Using his RIGHT Way for Personal Growth® method of lifestyle coaching, Dr. Schillinger will mentor you to discover, develop and master who you are – your true beliefs and behaviors – so that you can live a life of authenticity, clarity and certainty.

The Right Way method will show you how to find the right solutions to your challenges so that you can achieve your personal, family and professional goals more efficiently. Learn more…

As a business owner working at a desk most of the day, and as a mother with two young kids, investing in chiropractic preventive care reduces my muscle stiffness and pain. A crucial part of my self-care is to listen to his insightful advice about how to deal with stress more effectively.

Sophie Davis