Dear Patients and Friends,
The cold is common because, well, it’s really common! Almost everyone experiences the symptoms of a cold when the Rhinovirus or certain strains of bacteria become predominant in your body. I am a huge fan of “cold prevention” while fully accepting that many types of viruses and bacteria can overcome my immune system and make me sick.
Every year, beginning in September and ending in May, I take specific supplements to help build up my immune system. Thankfully, almost every year the same two things happen: I either don’t get sick at all or I get one or two mild colds (3 – 4 days). With the exception of five years ago, I haven’t had a flu in over 40 years!
Some people, no matter what they do, will get colds and flus. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t do their best to build up their immune system. By taking natural supplements that allow your body to protect itself against unwanted virus and bacteria, you minimize your chance of getting sick. If you do get sick, your cold won’t be as intense or last as long as it would have been had you not taken the right supplements.
Here’s What I Do
The most effective supplement I take cannot be purchased in a health food store. It’s called Thymune, which is distributed to doctors only. It’s made up of thymus tissue from cows and buffaloes that are raised organically for medicinal purposes. This type of supplement is called a “glandular”. This supplement has helped most of my patients prevent colds or minimize the effects of their colds.
I take this supplement once a day to strengthen my thymus gland, which is the organ that naturally produces immunoglobulins – antibodies that protect you from unwanted virus and bacteria. Additionally, I take daily, Echinacea and Vitamin C. Echinacea strengthens the mucous membranes of your nose, throat and mouth so it can better resist harmful microbes. Vitamin C, as most of you know, strengthens your arteries and your immune system.
To read more about the common cold and how to take care of yourself, please read an article I wrote for a magazine a few years ago. Feel free to call me with any questions at (415) 491 – 0959.

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