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My life’s purpose is to help people achieve their true potential. Using my RIGHT Way® method for Organizational Teamwork, Personal Growth, or Family Unity, I can customize workshops to meet the needs of your organization, or you can choose from the workshops listed below.

Whether I’m teaching a large workshop, consulting with a small group, or privately mentoring a business executive, I use a “performance presenter” style of teaching. I’m an energetic motivator and a transformational educator who entertains the audience with live music and laughter. My integrated approach to teaching includes PowerPoint, open forum discussion, Q&A, storytelling, meditation and handouts. These different ways of teaching involve everyone in the learning experience.

Dr. Mark


The RIGHT Way method of Organizational Teamwork is an efficient method that skillfully combines the best of change – leading technology in the fields of human development and organizational teamwork. Combined with the business technology from the Adizes Institute, the RIGHT Way method immediately increases workplace cooperation. It does this by showing people how to benefit from the conflicts that arise with people of contrasting personalities and work styles. By preventing “egonomics”, The RIGHT Way transforms the team’s individual wisdom into productive relationships and measurable results.

The RIGHT Way to Create the Ultimate Performance Team

Dr. Mark shows people how to instantly convert their own core values into purposeful team behavior. His mantra, “respect, resources, results” guides people with varying talents to respect each other and to want to generously share their resources.

How to Make the RIGHT Decision and Get It Done

Dr. Mark teaches a step-by-step system for transforming the chaotic world of ideas into understandable concepts and agreed-upon achievable plans, efficient procedures and measurable results.

The RIGHT Way to Manage Your Time

Dr. Mark reveals his “RIGHT Time” method, which begins with a written Purpose statement for each project and then employs the best time management techniques to minimize inefficiency and maximize productivity.

The RIGHT Way to Reduce Stress and Increase Energy

Dr. Mark instructs people how to increase their productivity by improving their posture, bending and lifting properly, stretching to relieve muscular tension, making better food choices, and doing simple relaxation techniques to rejuvenate their minds.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Dr. Mark provides a 60 minute presentation showing workers how to set up the ideal work stations, and how to exercise in their chairs. Afterwards, Dr. Schillinger is available to inspect each work station and make recommendations to maximize the use of the work space to improve posture, reduce injuries and increase energy.


These workshops, based on Dr. Mark’s method, the RIGHT Way for Personal Growth, offers sensible, life changing tips and transformational techniques that promote self-exploration, self-expression and ultimately, self-realization. Dr. Mark has the ability to create a safe environment in which people can open up their hearts and minds. This enables the workshop participants to quickly advance in their progress toward self-mastery. Dr. Schillinger’s ability to create an emotionally safe environment allows the students, patients and workshop participants to quickly advance in their progress toward self-mastery.

The RIGHT Way to Be Truly Happy

What would your life be like if you knew the answers to (almost) every issue in your life? This workshop draws upon the latest research in the fields of epigenetics (how your thoughts affect your genetic behavior), neuroplasticity (how to rewire your brain with clear, positive beliefs), quantum physics (the underlying nature of reality) and spirituality (your unique, meaningful relationship to reality). Dr. Mark literally shows you a way, or path, that guides you to easily access your own inner intelligence, the true source of your most authentic wisdom.

Becoming the Chief Energy Officer of Your Life

In this workshop, Dr Mark shares with you one his major “discoveries” – “the true secret” that has been used throughout the ages to promote greater physical health, mental clarity and spiritual well-being. The lifestyle routines that Dr. Mark teaches are what he calls the “Virtues of Wellness”. He’ll teach you how to master “Discipline” (one of these Virtues), so that you can perform a variety of wellness activities that can be worked into even the busiest of schedules.

Get Your Mind RIGHT: You Are What You Think

According to medical literature, 80% of all illness is caused by stress. In this workshop, Dr. Mark shows people how to skillfully free their minds from fear, self-doubt and worry. He’ll help you generate beliefs and behaviors that are relaxing or rejuvenating.

Get Your Diet RIGHT: Eating for Energy Not (Just) for Entertainment

This workshop instructs people how to maximize their diet to give them the energy they need in order to handle their challenges and to fully participate in their hobbies. This workshop shows people how to discover which foods and supplements will keep them functioning at a high physical and mental level, while enjoying the culinary pleasures of their food choices.

The RIGHT Way to Have Rewarding Relationships

People want to feel physically safe and emotionally secure in their relationships, eliminating any need to defend themselves or offend others. Dr. Mark shows people how to create intimacy by allowing each other to remain true to themselves, while loyally serving the vision and purpose of the relationship.

The RIGHT Way to Communicate with Clarity and Confidence

Dr. Mark teaches individuals how to honor their instincts and values, while respectfully and creatively expressing themselves. People learn how to use his five-step process, “Communicating with Respect”. This process allows everyone to voice what’s true for them while accepting what’s true for others.


Parents no longer have the assistance of their community when raising children. It’s becoming harder to show kids how to respect both themselves and others. More than any time in history, parents must consistently model the values they hold in the highest regard if they expect their children to become responsible and independent. The RIGHT Way for Family Unity method shows parents a valid, effective “Way” to move their life and family in the right direction. This will help the parents to create caring and cooperative relationships.

 The RIGHT Way to Have a Great Family

This workshop teaches parents how to create intimacy with each other and with their children, everyone’s own values are nurtured. Parents learn how to lead their children to enjoy lives grounded in self-respect and self-motivation, while maintaining influence and authority. This workshop can be taught either by myself or in conjunction with Rochelle Newman, an NLP practitioner and relationship coach.

The RIGHT Way to Unify Your Divorced Family

Dr. Mark shows parents how to raise resilient children by teaching the parents how to set aside their painful emotions and effectively combine their values. Dr. Mark shares how he and his former wife, Suzanne, evolved their divorced marriage from arguments to agreements by totally dedicating their relationship to taking great care of their children. This workshop can be taught either by myself or in conjunction with Suzanne Alfandari, LMFT, a family therapist and Dr. Mark’s former wife.

The RIGHT Way to Handle Family Stress

According to medical literature, 80% of all illness is related to mental stress. Both adults and children alike need to know how to quickly relax their brains to prevent them from engaging in unnecessary conflict. As a specialist in stress management, Dr. Mark teaches participants “mindfulness – based stress reduction” techniques that calm the mind in just a few seconds.

Parenting Challenging Children

As the founder of Challenging Teenage Sons, Dr. Mark has a great deal of wisdom about the reasons why difficult children are disrespectful or defiant. Parents learn how to become more sensitive to their children’s underlying needs, while applying tough love and tender love. Learning these effective techniques will help parents lead their family into mutually caring and cooperative relationships.

Important Note: All of the workshops can be modified. Dr. Mark can also customize new workshops in order to meet the specific needs of your organization, You are welcome to contact him to discuss how his presentation can benefit you.  Call (415) 491 – 0959 or email

Continuing Education – Chiropractors & Acupuncturists

Dr. Schillinger teaches a California Board Certified Continuing Education course for chiropractors and acupuncturists called, Adjusting the Mind Seminar. This unique 12 hour course shows health care practitioners how to use stress reduction techniques both for themselves and with their patients. Health professionals can register online, or call the office at (415) 491 – 0959.

A healer in word and in deed, Dr. Mark is also a fantastic public speaker and presenter. Dr. Mark’s workshops are both informative and engaging. He incorporates multimedia into his workshops; he speaks to both the mind and the heart through music, visual images, laughter, as well as real stories about his own life journey.

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