Stress Management Therapy

Releasing anxiety & developing tranquility

Stress Relief for Body and Mind

In this lifetime, no one can avoid having anxiety producing experiences. Most people experience stress due to financial hardships, difficult relationships, intense workloads, raising children, poor diet and difficulties with time management skills.

Without knowing how to control your habitual reactions to stress, your brain will cause the secretion of harmful stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol), which makes your muscles painful, your organs malfunction and your mind become anxious. Since 80% of all illness is caused by stress, many of the symptoms you suffer can be reduced or eliminated, just by having the right stress management skills.

Because of this, Dr. Schillinger knows it’s as important to treat the mind as well as the body, if his patients are going to truly enjoy great physical health and mental well-being.

Effective Stress Treatment
Using the latest research in the fields of epigenetics (how your thoughts affect your genetic health), and neuroplasticity (how to rewire your brain with positive beliefs), Dr. Schillinger can dramatically help you improve the functioning of your mind and body. In just a few sessions, he’ll be able to teach you how to transform your negative, destructive thinking into creative, constructive behaviors.

Best of all, most of the techniques he teaches take less than 1 minute to do. These practical solutions work with people who have even the busiest of schedules.

Included in your first ninety minute session, you’ll receive a free copy of Dr. Schillinger’s stress reduction CD, Ethereal, which features his original mind – calming music.

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Benefits of Stress Management Therapy
By understanding how your mind works and how to direct it with more focus, you’ll know how to be authentically engaged with everything that’s happening in your life and be more relaxed around your expectations and experiences. You’ll enjoy mental clarity and certainty, regardless of what’s happening in the environment around you.

If you’re currently taking anxiety medication, you may find Dr. Schillinger’s stress relief techniques help you reduce or eliminate the need for it.

You’ll learn how to use stress as an opportunity to:
* quickly calm your mind
* develop patience and acceptance
* eliminate harmful patterns in your life
* improve your relationships
* energize your brain
* focus your attention
* re-program your subconscious mind
* heal chronic illness
* make clearer decisions
* manage your time better
* eat healthier foods
* sleep better
* reduce physical pain

Quick Relief
In just two sessions, Dr. Mark will give you insightful tips and effective techniques that will help you understand how your mind works and how to direct it with more calmness and focus – regardless of how much tension is going on around you.

Recognized Expert in Stress Management
Dr. Schillinger is dedicated to helping people learn how to reduce their stress.

His methods have been approved as a California Board Certified Continuing Education course for chiropractors and acupuncturists called, “Adjusting the Mind Seminar”. The 12 hour course shows health care practitioners how to use stress reduction techniques both for themselves and for their patients.

Free Consultation

As a business owner working at a desk most of the day, and as a mother with two young kids, investing in chiropractic preventive care reduces my muscle stiffness and pain. A crucial part of my self-care is to listen to his insightful advice about how to deal with stress more effectively.

Sophie Davis