Dear Patients & Friends,
I’m a true blue New Yorker, raised by my family to worship all things Nu Yawk, especially the sports teams. That automatically means that all teams from Boston are like warring enemies from a foreign country to me.
Therefore, I hope my relatives don’t disown me for saying that watching Tom Brady and the New England Patriots dominate the football scene for so long is worthy of my respect.
After discovering that Tom Brady and I have the same philosophy about physical workouts, I’ve become an even bigger fan of his.
Stop Using (Heavy) Weights
Before this year’s Super Bowl, Brady appeared on TV talking about the exercise resistance tubing bands he uses to strengthen his muscles. He said he rarely used weights, not wanting to risk injuries to his body.
In this article, it’s revealed that Brady’s trainer, known as “The Wizard”, has Brady workout twice a day.
My Rant About Exercise
Unless someone is a serious weight lifter looking to build muscle mass, I’ve been telling patients for over thirty years to primarily focus on strengthening (using resistance tubing bands), stretching, aerobics and balance – twice a day.
This routine has been working for me for three plus decades. I rarely get hurt and I still play full court basketball and ultimate Frisbee regularly.
Learn How to Use Resistance Bands at Home
If you want to learn how to use the special resistance device (Theraciser) that I use and that we train patients on, call the office (415-491-0959) to schedule a time.
In one hour, we’ll teach you how to do a complete home workout. Best of all, this strengthening routine does not require any heavy duty equipment and only takes 7 minutes.
SPECIAL PROGRAM: Normally the fee for this one hour session is $70. For the month of April, we’re lowering the fee to $55. Many insurance companies partially cover the cost of this session, so you may only have to pay a portion of the fee.
Check with Katy for details about your insurance.
Dr. Mark
Yoga Intensive – if you want to get to know me as a teacher who emphasizes the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, join me at the next Yoga Intensive (April 27). It’s open to anybody, including people who have never, ever been to a yoga class. If you’re an advanced yoga practitioner, it’s very likely you’ll be introduced to concepts, rituals and routines you’ve never heard or seen before.
In my class I emphasize these main points:
1) how to use your breathe as a powerful way to quickly relax your mind
2) one minute meditations you can do anywhere, anytime – even if you think you suck at meditating
3) how to focus your attention regardless of outer circumstances
If you’re concerned that the workshop may be too difficult for your back problems, call me (491-0959) and we’ll make sure if it’s appropriate to attend.
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