Dear Patients & Friends,
As many of you know, I’m not a big fan of politics and I rarely discuss it in the treatment room with you. Even now, with Donald Trump being so controversial, I rarely want to engage in conversations about him.
My standard line to people who become overly engaged in following politics is that getting upset about things you can’t control is not a healthy thing for your body and mind. While I understand that we need to be vigilant about gross political wrongdoings – and take appropriate action if necessary – I don’t believe that devoting so much attention to politicians is the best way to spend our time.
At its worst, over identifying with our political leaders and our political problems, takes our attention away from the things that we need to be doing, and can therefore cause real physical and mental health problems.
T.I.S.D. is Serious
I mentioned a few weeks ago that my close friend, Dr. Ricky Fishman, wrote an insightful blog about what he’s calling, “Trump Induced Stress Disorder”. He outlines the health problems that patients across America are suffering from because of their involvement with Trump and politics.
Dr. Fishman has agreed to visit our office to discuss this health issue with patients and their guests. He has insightful solutions that are worth hearing.
See below for details.
As a stress management specialist, I’m amazed at how my patients are being negatively affected by this disorder. I’ve been offering my suggestions to people about how to minimize their stress from T.I.S.D., hoping that they’ll focus their attention on other, more important parts of their life.
WHEN: Wednesday, March 30
REGISTRATION: Call 491 – 0959 or
(Pre-registration highly recommended – limited to 15 participants)
WHERE: Schillinger Chiropractic & Wellness Center
    1050 Northgate Dr., Ste. #1, San Rafael Ca. 94903
FEE: $25