Wellness Workshops

IMG_3491Throughout the year our office provides wellness workshops that help our patients, and their guests, enjoy greater physical health and mental well-being.

In addition to Dr. Mark, there are a variety of excellent health-care practitioners who share the most up to date wisdom on stress management, nutrition, weight loss, ergonomics, anti-aging techniques, yoga, improving relationships, parenting, exercise, increasing emotional well-being, time management and other important topics.

All workshops are open to both patients and the public alike.
Patients are always welcome to invite their family, friends and co-workers.

Vital Living Workshop (FREE Weekly Class)
Presenter: Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC

The purpose of this workshop is to show you how to perform simple, safe exercises in order to improve your flexibility, decrease your muscular pain and prevent arthritis. This 45 minute class is held three times per month, always on Wednesdays. Two classes are presented in the evenings at 6:30 pm, and one is at lunch time, at 12:30 pm.
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Monthly Wellness Workshops 2017

* Workshops are on Thursdays evenings unless otherwise noted *

The Key to Intimate Relationships – Enjoy More Cooperation, Connection & Love
Presenters: Rochelle Newman & Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC

It’s no secret that many romantic relationships suffer from too much conflict and not enough joy. This workshop will teach you how to more intimately relate with your partners without offending them, defending yourself or expecting anyone to change their lives.  Best of all, you’ll know how to skillfully use Humor as a way to always remain connected to your partner.

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MARCH 29 (Wednesday)
Coping with Trump Induced Stress Disorder – How to Stop Obsessing with Politics
Presenter: Dr. Ricky Fishman, DC

Due to their over-identification with the problems that Mr. Trump is bringing into politics, people have been finding themselves worrying about the future more, and taking good care of themselves less. This workshop is not a discussion about politics. Rather, it will focus on the solutions you can take to accept the present political climate and how to remain attentive to your own health and well-being.

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April 27 & Tuesday, May 16* (date added due to popular demand!)
Yoga Intensive – Flexible Body & Calm Mind
Presenter: Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC

For thirty three years, Dr. Mark has been illuminating the authentic teachings from India, in order to help his students experience greater physical vitality, mental clarity and spiritual well-being. Dr. Mark only teaches the safest hatha yoga postures for people with back problems. During this Intensive, he’ll also share simple relaxation techniques, rejuvenating breathing practices and the enlightening philosophy of yoga.

Whether you have never attended a yoga class or you’re an advanced student, you’ll be supported to participate at a level that’s right for you.

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Reduce Your Stress & Increase Your Energy! –Dramatically Boost Your Physical & Mental Health
Presenter: Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC

According to medical literature, 80% of all illness is related to mental stress. In order to adapt to adversity successfully, you have to know how to quickly relax yourself.

Drawing on the new brain science called Neuroplasticity (how to rewire your brain for greater well-being), Dr. Schillinger will teach you the latest scientifically proven techniques to control your brain chemistry, so that you’ll enjoy more emotional well-being and deeper peace of mind

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How to Slow Your Aging Process – Growing Older with Spunk & Spirit
Presenter: Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC

Research clearly shows that, as people age, they become fearful of losing their abilities to move their bodies and to think clearly. This workshop will show you how to efficiently organize your time so that you can enjoy a lifestyle that keeps your body flexible, your mind peaceful and your energy vital – even if you have the busiest of schedules.

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Get Your Mind Right – The Secret to Mastering Mindfulness

A wealth of new scientific research has validated many age-old perspectives about the functioning of the brain, the nature of the mind and the most effective ways to decrease anxiety and increase happiness.

This workshop will teach you the core teachings of Mindfulness, an ageless, now popular technique being used world-wide to transform negative, harmful thoughts into greater mental calmness and deeper spiritual awareness.

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How Divorced Parents Can Unify Their Family – Raising Your Children with More Care & Cooperation
Presenters: Rochelle Newman, Suzanne Alfandari, LMFT, Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC

Divorced parents often feel inadequate or guilty about their ability to create two wholesome homes because of their different beliefs and behaviors. This workshop will show parents how to set aside their painful emotions and effectively combine their conflicting values, so that they can raise happy children and enjoy respectful households

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Dr. Schillinger is very passionate about his work and helping his patients heal. I especially appreciate the fact that he offers valuable workshops that support a healthy mind and body, such as stress management and yoga.

Patricia Aissen